Molecular Sieves 3A ( Beads / pellets )

Molecular sieves are synthetic zeolite molecular sieve 3A is type A zeolite. Molecular sieves are hydrated metal alumino-silicates crystalline. Molecular sieve 3A has an actual pore size of 30. The molecular sieve’s adsorption capacity will depend on the pore size and pore volume of the molecular sieve. It is potassium-based alumino-silicates. It works on the principle of adsorption. It is also known as the potassium form of type A.

MS beads 1.5 MM

MS beads 3 MM

MS pallets 1.5 MM

MS pallets 3 MM


  • Dehydration of diverse liquids (e.g. Ethanol)
  • Ethanol Drying, Separation, Purification and Dehydration in Distilleries
  • Transformer Oil Dehydration System
  • Solvent Drying in Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery Plant
  • Drying of Pyrolysis Gases in Ethylene Manufacturing
  • Olefin Drying
  • Drying Cracking Liquid and Cracking Gas
  • Drying of Air in Insulated Windows (Double Windows)
  • Insulating Glass industries, Double Glazed Glass
  • Drying N2-H2 Mixtures Made by Cracking of NH3
  • Drying Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Dehydration and Drying Of Refrigerant
  • Dehydration of Natural Gas or Methane
  • Dehydration of Cracked Gas, Ethylene, Ethyne, Propylene or Butadiene

PACKAGING For Domestic and Exports

 MOLSIEVE 3A is available in beads and pellets form both 1.5 mm and 3 mm diameters packed in 50/100 kgs M.S. Drum.