Molecular Sieves 4A ( Beads / pellets )

Is Molecular Sieve type 4A, an alumino Silicate having pore opening of about 4 Angstroms (0.4 micron) and typical chemical formula Na20 A120 2SiO2-nH20 .

MS beads 1.5 MM

MS beads 3 MM

MS pallets 1.5 MM

MS pallets 3 MM


  • Molsieve 4A Can be used to dehydrate most fluids both in static and dynamic Conditions
  • Static applications include usage in desiccant packages and for drying in insulating glass nits.
  • Used for drying of refrigerant fluids used for drying of air Brakes.
  • Dynamic applications include drying and purification of Natural gas, LPG, air, inter gases and Solvents.

        Even Molsieve 4A work under adverse operating Conditions like

  • Drying gases to very low dew points;
  • Drying low relative humidity gases;
  • Drying high temperature gases;
  • Drying high velocity gases;
  • Drying gas mixture etc.
  • Drying gases and removing other impurities simultaneously;
  • Any combination of these conditions.

PACKAGING For Domestic and Exports

MOLSIEVE 4A is available in beads and pellets form both 1.5 mm and 3 mm diameters packed in 50/100 kgs M.S. Drum.