Molecular Sieves 5A ( Beads / pellets )

Molecular sieves are working on the principle of adsorption that is the process of attraction of molecules from a stream of gas or liquid to an exposed surface area of a molecular sieve. The adsorption process of the molecular sieve involves chemisorption and capillary condensation. Molecular sieve 5A is a calcium form of alkali alumina silicate with an effective pore diameter of 5A°. It will adsorb all the molecules with a kinetic diameter of fewer than 5 angstroms and exclude higher than that.5A molecular sieve will contribute to a larger surface area for better adsorption efficacy with required bulk density and appropriate crushing strength to lower the dusting in systems.

MS beads 1.5 MM

MS beads 3 MM

MS pallets 1.5 MM

MS pallets 3 MM

Sr.No. Properties Results
1 Basic Type 5A
2 form Beads / Pellets
3 Bed crushing Strength 90%
4 Bulk Density 700 – 800 gms/lit
5 Loss on attrition : (Wear rate) Hard surface % (Tumbling & rotation method) 0.23%
1 Water adsorption Capacity 21.5% by weight
2 Free moisture at 120ºC 1.56%
3 Warrantee One year from the date of dispatch


  • Pharmaceutical Tablets & Capsules Packaging
  • API Packaging
  • Food
  • Bag Liners for Bulk Containers, Antistatic Available
  • Pouches
  • Laminate to Foil
  • Safe loading and Storage of Fine Powder Chemicals
  • Liner for Drums or Fibcs for the storage and transportation of powders and tablets

PACKAGING For Domestic and Exports

MOLSIEVE 5A is available in beads and pellets form both 1.5 mm and 3 mm diameters packed in 50/100 kgs M.S. Drum.