DESICCA CHEMICALS Granular Activated Carbon grade DCG is a microporous form of Carbon manufactured from Coconut Shell Charcoal which is specially suited for the removal of taste, odour, chloride (free), ozone and dissolved organic contaminants. Activation is achieved with steam and it develops myriad of pores with enormous internal surface area.
Due to the superior hardness, DCG grade is specially suitable for high pressure and large volume D. M. Plant filters.

Activated Carbon Granulars
Size : 4 – 8 mesh
Range: 8-16,4-8,16-30 mesh etc.

The porosity creates a remarkable power of ADSORBTION.

In GAS PHASE adsorption, Granular Carbon is almost always used because the pressure drop in the carbon bed is of prime importance and only Granular Carbon will allow sufficient flow with an acceptable pressure drop.

In LIQUID PHASE applications, both Granular or powdered carbon can be used.

Due to SUPERIOR ADSORPTION, HIGH DENSITY, LOW ATTRITION LOSS, use of Granules has resulted in increased service life, greater filter efficiency, fewer regeneration cycles and economy on Hardware costs. Activated Carbon Granules made from coconut shell charcoal is used when a single product or grade is being continuously produced in large quantities.

Activated Carbon Granular is non Toxic, non Hazardous to the human being and non flammable and freely handled by human being

Chemical Properties Typical Limits (%)
Appearance Granular Granular Granular Granular Granular
Bulk Density 600± 100 600± 100 600± 100 500± 100 500± 100
pH 7 to 9 7 to 9 7 to 9 7 to 9 9 to 10
Moisture Content 5 5 5 5 5
Iodine Absorption 450 to 500 600 to 700 700 to 800 800 to 900 900 to 1000
ASH Content 5 5 5 5 5
Hardness No. 90-92% 90-92% 90-92% 90-92% 90-92%
Total Surface Area 500 to 550 700 to 750 800 to 850 900 to 950 1000 to 1100


  • DM plant filters, Tap water filters, distillation plants and Aquariums.
  • Dechlorination of Bottling Plant process water
  • Effluent treatment removal of Hazardous wastes, organic and odour from wastewater.
  • Protection of ion exchange resins as prefilters.
  • Purifying Electroplating solutions.
  • Air purification (Refrigerator odour removal, Air conditioning, cigarette filter kitchen Hoods and gas mask.)
  • Liquor Treatment (improving the taste of whisky, Gin, Rum etc.)
  • Purification of Industrial and radio – active gases.
  • Gold recovery


For Domestic Market :
DCG grade activated granular carbon is packed in 50kg polythene bag covered with HDPE woven bag.

For Exports :

DCG grade activated granular carbon is packed in 25kg polythene bag covered with HDPE woven bag.