Silica gel Commercial Grade (Granular)

International used name SILICA GEL
Chemical Name Silicic Acid
Other Name Hydrated Silica
Empirical Formula SiO2.nH2O
Specification / Standard   As per I.S. 3401 – 1992
B.S. 3523 & 2540 – 1991

Silica gel is a grainy porous transparent substance with a good surface area for adsorption of water and organic/gaseous molecules. Adsorbs 25-40% moisture by weight depending upon the humidity, it attains saturation after absorption to its maximum capacity.
Silica Gel comes as WHITE (Non indicating) & BLUE (Indicating) Type.

Silica Gel
Type : Non Indicating (White)
Size : 5 -10 mm

It is available in different mesh sizes as per the requirements. Indicating is one, which is impregnated with Cobalt Chloride. In activated state, it is blue in colour and turns pink as it starts absorbing moisture. The intense blue colour is a indicator of its complete activation. Non-indicating is white in colour and does not contain any indicator, Hence it does not change in its characters after adsorption of moisture & after activation. However, both indicating and non-indicating material do not differ in its absorption capacity, when material is supplied in fully activated state.

Silica Gel
Type : Indicating (Blue)
Size : 5 -10 mm

As a result, it is the most preferred desiccant or adsorbent. It has distinct advantages as follows :
•Inert for most of the intended application.
•Non toxic and non combustible.
•Good mechanical strength.
•Adsorption without change in its physical properties.
•Easy and fast regeneration.

SILICA GEL - Where Technology Matters

Silica Gel is a pure silica compound, prepared by process involving coagulation of colloidal solution of Silicic acid. Coagulation takes place when the silica sol of silicates is allowed to settle to gel. With optimum mixing time for sol formation and setting time for gel formation, product develops porous structure giving high surface area of its particles. Higher the surface area higher is the adsorption capacity.

At Desicca, natural energy is conserved to offer distinct product advantages.

Technology adopted for production of beads and balls has its advantage in giving regular shape. In the process it looses some of the advantages with respect to adsorption capacity due to comparatively less time allowed for settling of the gel. Hence, we opted for solar energy as a source for gel setting. At ambient temperature of with natural air currents, our technology works to advantage. We have a pleasure to claim for having conserved natural sources of energy that is too our advantage such settling process against natural background helps to give a very good porous structure and surface area. Hence, a best possible adsorption capacity.

We extend the above said advantage to customer, thereby allowing him to use less quantity of Silica Gel to get the desired drying effect obtained with other commercially available brands.

Increase in adsorption capacity by 5% offers as a price advantage of 20%.


The regeneration of DESICCA, Silica gel is resorted to desorb the adsorbate and bring it back to active form. Regeneration is carried out by heating at 120 – 150° C for 4 hours in oven.

Silica Gel has many applications as dehumidifying & dehydrating agent, major application of Silica gel is the protection against moisture attack.

It is used as desiccant, water absorbent, anti fungous and rust inhibitors.

Grade Commercial – Indicating (Blue) & Non Indicating (White)
Mesh Size 9 – 16 5 – 8 3 – 8 3 – 4 1 – 2
MM 0.5 – 1.5 2 – 4 2 – 7 5 – 7 10 – 20
Description Glossy, Transparent solid materials with grainy porous structure free   from extraneous impurities.
Adsorption 29% – 40%
Loss of Drying Between 2 % to 5 %
pH 5 to 6
Bulk Density 600 gms / lit.
Loss of Ignition (150°C for 4 hrs) 2 % to 5 %
Fri ability Min. 99%
Internal Porosity % 45 – 50
Avg. Pore Dia. mm 21A
Pore volume micro pores cm3/g 0.30 – 0.45
Specific surface area m2/g 700 – 800
Specific heat capacity Kcal / (kg °C) 0.22
Temperature range adsorption ° C 120 – 250
Chloride as NaCl (% by mass) 0.2 – 0.4
Cobalt as CoCl2 (% by mass) 0.7 – 0.9
Ammonium Compound Complies
Adsorption Capacity at 20°C at relative humidity % w/v
20 27.3%
40 28.6%
60 32.8%
80 39.6%
100 40.5%


• CAT litter.

•Drying of humid compressed air & other gases

•Mainly used as a carrier of the catalyst.

•Transformer breather for removing water or organic acid from the insulating oil.

•For absorbing hydrocarbon from the light oil.

•Recovery of natural gasoline from natural gases.

•Flower drying

•Drying of liquids such as refrigerants, oils containing water in suspension.

•Bleaching of petroleum oils.

•Anticking agent in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


DESICCA Silica Gel have infinite shelf life if properly stored in dry place. Active service life would be dependent upon design and operation of the plant and use of the adsorbent.


For Domestic Market :

25 kg in HDPE Bags with double inside poly liner.

For Export :

25kg or 50kg in Fiber Drum with double inside poly liner.