Carbon Molecular Sieve Desicca

is pelletized form molecular sieving carbon. It is made through the integrated process under the conditions strictly controlled with advanced technologies


Nitrogen PSA in the purity range up to

  • 9 45 to 90 sec (cycle time)
  • 9 +5 to +50 degree Celsius (temperature)
  • 9 6 to 15 bar (pressure)


  • Applicable for high productivity PSA.
  • Highly uniform pore diameter.
  • High crush strength and hardness.
  • Outstanding quality stability.
  • Exceptional pellet strength.
  • Excellent longevity.

Standard Specifications (As packed)

Item Description
Appearance Cylindrical
Color Black
Particle diameter [mm] 1.2 MM
Item Specification
Loss on Drying *[wt%] 1.0 max.
Filling bulk density *[g/mL] 0.650 + 10
Particle Size * (length 3.6MM) [wt%] 99.0 min.
Hardness *[wt%] 98.0 min.

Handling Precaution

Activated carbon (especially when wet) significantly lowers oxygen levels by removing oxygen from air, which causes a severe hazard to workers inside activated carbon vessels and enclosed or confined spaces. Before entering such areas, work procedures for low oxygen levels should be taken to ensure ample oxygen availability according to all local, state, and federal regulation.

Packaging for Carbon Molecular Sieve Desicca

25 kgs fibre drum inside polybag.