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Silver Impregnated


DESICCA silver impregnated Activated Carbon are natural grain coconut shell based with Metallic Silver as an active ingredient. Metal Silver a known bacteriostat is deposited by a unique process on the large surface area available within the pore structure of base carbon.

The process ensures levels of Silver & Nitrate leach well below USEPA / EEC standards.

DESICCA Silver Impregnated Activated Carbons are used in bacteriostatic water filters which whilst removing objectionable TASTES, ODOURS, COLOURS and SUSPENDED particles from regular tap water, does not allow build up of bacteria in the filter.

How Desicca Silver Impregnated Carbon Works

Metallic Silver immobilizes the respiratory functions of bacteria (bateriostatic effect). During long non-flow periods in water filters (Overnight or during long vacations), bacteria can multiply on the Carbon media with no silver and then released with first discharge of water. In the case of Silver Impregnated Carbons, due to bacteriostatic effect, bacterial growth is inhibited.


For Domestic Market :

DCG grade activated granular carbon is packed in 50kg polythene bag covered with HDPE woven bag.

For Exports :

DCG grade activated granular carbon is packed in 25kg polythene bag covered with HDPE woven bag.


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