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Molecular Sieves  13 X


MOLSIEVE 13X is Molecular Sieve type 13X, an alumino Silicate having pore opening of about 9 to 10 angstroms. Molsieve is manufactured from hydrate.aluminium silicate under strict temperature and pressure control to generate nuclie, a base of X-type Zeolite. The crystal cavities thus formed has affinity towards selective ions.


Beads                     Pallets

Shape : Spherical
Size :1.5 - 3 mm

Shape : Cylindrical
Size : 3 mm

  • Molsieve 13X can be used for removal of H2O and CO2 from gas and air streams.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used for removal of H2S and mercaptans from liquid and hydrocarbons fractions.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used for sweetening of natural gas containing H2S, mercaptans and thiophenes.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used for seperation of heavy hydrocarbons from natural gas and air.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used for seperation of N2 from O2.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used for catalyst bed protection.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used for removal of Water and solvent vapours from the inner space of insulating glass units.
  • Molsieve 13X can be used as an adsorbent in gas chromatography and in vacuum technique for nonrefrigerated adsorption traps.

Molsieve 13X can be regenerated by evacuating or purging usually at elevated temperature. The purge gas temperature must be sufficiently high to bring the molecular sieve to a level of 200 C to 300 C but not exceeding 600 C,Higher temperature may cause physical degradation of molecular structure. The degree of regeneration depends on the temperature, pressure and composition of the purge gas and is a strong factor in affecting product purity. It is possible to dry fluids to less than 1 ppm total sulphur and CO2 if adequately regenerated.



Normal pore diameter

9 angstroms (0.9 micron)

Type of crystal structure


Bulk density

680 g/l

Equilibrium water capacity at 20 C./55 % R.H.

25 % wt.

Water content

1.5% wt. (max.)

Heat of adsorption

4200 KJ/KG water (max.)

Specific heat (approx.)

1.07 KJ/KG C

Pellets Size Normal



Beads sizes normal

1.5 mm

3 mm

Crush strength


4 kp


MOLSIEVE 13X is available in beads and pellets form 1.5 mm and 3 mm diameters packed in 50/100 kgs M.S. Drum.


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